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Photoshop Thumbnails

September 7, 2017


family dinner value-2

Value Thumbnail









family dinner wip 1

Ink and acrylic work in progress









Even though my finished work is usually traditional, I incorporate digital painting. It’s efficient to try out a lot of ideas and not have to mix paint every time and use Bristol paper. This painting started out in my sketchbook, I then scanned it and did painter-overs in value and color to work out the details. Truthfully, I’m still more comfortable throwing out ideas on paper, but this way I get the benefit of going over my own work without ruining the final product.




Warrior Woman

March 24, 2017

Warrior woman

Sketch for a character challenge.

Can’t wait for spring

March 17, 2017

can't wait for spring

I don’t really like cold weather so I can’t wait for spring and warm weather. Even though there’s pollen it’s so pretty I can’t help but love that time of year.

March of Robots

March 3, 2017


This March.  Of robots.

I’m participating in another one of those crazy month long challenges. This time it’s a month of robot sketches. I’ve been making a lot of steampunk illustrations so it was only a matter of time before I delved into the world of automatons. I’ve started in pencil so I’ll just keep using that.

If you’re interested to see where these go, I’ll but updating all month at Jauntycat Art on Instagram.

More about the March of Robots challenge.

Knitting Girl

February 18, 2017


In ink and acrylic wash.

Sketch for a Painting

January 12, 2017


A section of my newest painting.

Steampunk Illustrations

August 20, 2016

Steampunk portrait

Steampunk Mercenary


This week I drew a couple of character illustrations. I didn’t intend to draw both steampunk but I have it in my system so I’m going to roll with it.

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