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Coloring Skin

February 9, 2018

I cracked open my toned sketchbook today. I’m frugal with using it because I don’t want to draw things that work just fine on white paper. I like to make the most of drawing on brown paper.

Coloring the boy on the left was supposed to be a low-key warm up while my sister recorded a voice over for our Youtube video. There were a few things I wasn’t happy with and wanted to improve upon. Mainly I wanted to integrate the shadows with the main skin color.  The transition between the midtown and the core shadow is very strong, which is fine, but I could have shown a little restraint. I also wanted to avoid the trap of not showing enough shadows. Even though I’m coloring very light skin, they still need to have anatomical form.

The drawings of the girls show more build up between the the midtown and shadow. Also I went little easier on the ultramarine in the shadows for the lower half of the face. It’s realistic to have areas of blue shadow but it I should build up slower. I added the warms of their cheeks and cools under their eyes and in the shadows then values. In all medium I’ve been trying out different order and that always turns out the best. Color temperature isn’t an after thought and can be used to show form, especially in areas with low contrast. The first two were inked and then colored, the last girl was colored first. I’m going to use that light of a hand when I ink more often because it looks less cartoony and supports the shadows better. My new rule of thumb is to ink before I think I’m done. I’m going to do more drawings trying these out.

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