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Inktober 2017 Followup

October 26, 2017


Inktober 2017

Ink drawings by Taisa Willoughby

A few weeks ago I drummed up a lot of excitement for Inktober. Well, October is mostly done and I’ve been updating at Jaunty Cat Art on Instagram.

I’ve been loosely following the official prompt to create a narrative. Every drawing feels like making a panel of a comic. I sometimes layout all my Inktober drawings next to each other and it looks like a storyboard. A fully complete story can be made from them all and I make sure there is some thread of continuity between them. For example in the first two drawings, the sky is visible but I make sure all other environments are underground. Incidentally, October splits into almost perfect thirds so I’m working out a three act structure. Perfect for creating a story most people would recognize; that’s how most media tells stories. This year I am working on my ability to pay attention to small narrative details.


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